rve; for instance, poly(4) (equivalent to quart ) has a fair bit of delay at the beginning, the end, or both, depending on where you set the easing (see following code snippet). The higher the number, the more dramatic the delay. Have a play with it, do what feels right.

The easeElasticIn easing (p, n, t ) 在p 之前插入n 个t ,没有返回值


a.insert (p, i, j ) 在p 之前插入[i,j ]区间内的元素,没有返回值

a.resize (n, t ) 如果n >a.size(),则在a.end()之前插入n -a.size()个t ;t 的默认值为T(),即在没有显式初始化时, 用于T类型的值。如果n