编译器预留的内存空间中。在程序编译时,编译器会为每个静态变量分配一个固定位置和固定大小的内存空间。静态变量的内存空间在程序的整个生命周期内都会被一直保留。所有的全局静态变量都会在程序执行进入 main() 前被构建,在退出 main() 之后被销毁。在函数内声明的静态变量则会在“程序执行第一次进入函数前”被构建,这表示它可能会和全局静态变量同时被构建,也可能直到第一次调用该函数时才会被构建。C++ 为全局静态变量指定了构建和销毁的顺序,因此开发人员可以准确地知道它们的生命周期。但是这些规则太复杂了,实际上在使用存储期时,这些规则更像是警告而非行为。

  我们既可以通过名字访问静态变量,也to make a proper meal.


We being without cigarettes, the bus-driver and his companion press them on us: their beloved Macedonia cigarettes. The driver says they are squisitissimi—most, most exquisite—so exquisite that all foreigners want them. In truth I believe they are exported to Germany now. Aasks—these I think are simply horrifying. And the more modern “faces” are usually only repulsive. While the simple little pink half-masks with the end of black or green or white cloth, these just form a human disguise.

It was quite a game, sorting out the real women from the false. Some were easy